i’ve got kitty pryde – and nightcrawler, too. waiting there for me. yes i do. i do.

Trillions of nerds, super fans, cosplayers, pop culture junkies, LARPists, geeks, toy enthusiasts, comic lovers, and others generally seeking to avoid human contact by befriending televisions, fictional characters, and inanimate objects ventured out of their garages and into the open arms of San Diego Comic Con 2012. Okay, so, maybe there weren’t trillions, but until you’ve waited in a 6 hour line, please don’t judge my need to exaggerate for effect. (Oh, and P.S. – I’m back, bitches. Pretend like ya missed me.)

The curious thing about Comic Con is, that by any amount of reasonable logic (see above), it should be a cesspool of terrible human to human interactions. It should be a whole lot of awkward, awful exchanges born solely out of necessity.

“Hey, Panthro – you’re stepping on my foot. Actually, you’ve been stepping on it for the last 20 minutes. I figured I would just continue to endure, but I have to go to the bathroom.”

“No cuts, no buts, no coconuts, buddy. If you really loved Firefly, you would have gotten here last night like I did.”

“Yes, this is the line to get into the line to get into the line for Hall H.”

However, it’s not like that at all. I mean, sure, you have your occasional encounter with the wild-eyed socially inept: “Oooooh, you would like one of the free Last Airbender posters on the display case above my head? You don’t have to shove or crush me to get it. Just say excuse me . . . then I will gladly move out of your way while explaining to you how lame The Last Airbender is.” Seriously, of all the things to get pushy about; IRON MAN himself just made an appearance a few feet away. (See how I used Robert Downey Jr. to provide perspective? Only at Comic Con.)

The actual worst interaction of the entire experience took place on the last train back up to Carlsbad on Friday night and involved guys coming from the bar, not the convention center. So, my point here is that my SDCC experience was full of awesome interactions with awesome people who were all just as jazzed as I was to share in the magic.

Alright, admittedly, I am a little rusty with the words after such a lengthy hiatus. In lieu of more rusty words, I think I’ll let pictures do most of the talking for the rest of the post (you’re welcome). Some of the pics are mine, but some are not. The excitement and visual overload of the Con caused me to take pictures in a way that would not even be considered advanced for a hyena. Without further ado, here are some of the highlights.

More costumes than you can shake a stick at.

How unbelievably happy are Wolverine and Gambit here? Props to Psylocke for killin’ it.

And while we’re talking X-Men…

The best part about Scarecrow’s costume was that it interfered with his vision. I saw him walk into the girls’ bathroom.

Closest I got to the Firefly panel. Literally – this was in line outside the Ballroom 20 doors.

Who knew? Jayne fandom knows no bounds.

Totes ugly.

And then there was this guy.

. . . and this Thing.

You can be one, too!! Yeah, no one knew who we were . . . probably because Planeteer clothes are our regular clothes. WIND!

I hope he didn’t have to drink all that swill. Photo credit: http://fuckyeahcomiccon.tumblr.com/

Absolutely does not need a caption. Photo credit: http://fuckyeahcomiccon.tumblr.com/


At this point, I feel like I need to recognize two very special costumes. When there is such an abundance to choose from, it can be difficult to distinguish the true leaders of the pack. Actually, it really wasn’t that hard.

Best kid costume ever. Best kid ever. If my own kids are half this cool, I won’t have to hit them very much. Photo credit: http://fuckyeahcomiccon.tumblr.com/

Supremely clever. So clever, in fact, that my short-circuited brain made me yell, “Deadpool of mi5e!!!” before steam came out of my ears. Photo credit: http://fuckyeahcomiccon.tumblr.com/

Hey, did you know that trying to format photos on this blog is like trying to herd kittens?? Aaaaanyway, there are a few more things/people that/who deserve tribute before I can close out the Comic Con chapter.

The King of Con

I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Joss Whedon a few years back in a much smaller venue (Wesleyan University – what up, M-town?). He was no different in that setting than in this one. No matter where he is, no matter how many people are staring at him (about 4,500 at the time of this picture), he remains the same witty, humble, radical dude. I salute you, Mr. Whedon.

The King of Meth

If you don’t watch Breaking Bad, then I probably don’t like you. Don’t worry, I will continue to “tolerate” you. Just understand that if we are ever in a situation where I am clutching both your hand and Brian Cranston’s hand as the two of you dangle off of a cliff, you’re going to die.

The Queens of Con

What a treat this panel of intelligent women was. Didn’t hurt that Kristin came out in the Walmart sweatshirt and that Sarah referenced Prison Break. Oh, and Lucy Lawless was an unannounced guest. I wish I’d recorded the reaction the girl in front of me had when Lucy walked on stage. I was pretty sure the girl was giving birth and began to boil some water.

The Grand Finale

If there was a better way to close out my Comic Con experience than Sons of Anarchy, I don’t know it. Remember what I said about the whole cliff dangling thing and Brian Cranston? Same goes for the competition between you and any one of these cast members (hell, I’ll even throw Sutter in there). Thirty seconds of the trailer for season 5 was blacked out for content. Epic.

And one more thing (because there is always an additional scene after the credits roll) . . .

A Comic Con sized thank you to this gentleman, who offered me a free pedi-cab ride from the train station on the last day simply because I smiled and responded to him politely. Kindness, people, it makes the world go round!