dark paradise

There are 17 lights on my commute to work (another 17 on the way home). What would be a 5 – 7 minute drive is easily 20. And not a smooth 20 . . . a stop and go 20.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I want to announce the posting of my short fiction piece. Click here if you have no idea what I’m talking about. Please do me a solid and check it out over on Tim’s website. It’s about the most ambiguous love I can think of, set to the smooth vocal stylings of Lana Del Rey. (You can hate her if you want to, but she’ll just hypnotize you with her pouty lips and cat’s eye makeup.)

For those of you who dislike it when I babble, here are the straight facts:

Dark Paradise <— Ripe for the clicking

Read it and weep (well, you probably won’t be crying).



In July…or whenever the eff that was…I said I was back. I said it with sass. (See here.)

The truth is, that was a lie.

I was not back; I was just visiting/toying with the emotions of the general public.

The next truth is, I’m not entirely sure that I’m back this time either. But I’m here right NOW, and (in a world where that matters) that’s all that really matters.

Alright, let’s cut to the chase:

Aren’t you guys just freakin’ crazy for homophones?!? I know, I shouldn’t even have to ask – it’s a total and complete given. So, this cat right hurr has some information to share with you. And in order for you to get the most out of the information, you are going to have to do a lot of clicking.

I chose the kitty that meant the most business.

I chose the kitty that meant the most business.

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You may remember a writing contest that I took part in last year. Or you might be blocking that time period from your memory for reasons that I don’t understand, but would never judge. I announced my participation in that contest the only way I knew how: a Red Hot Chili Peppers themed blog post.

Then, I bugged you about it a little here while shamelessly plugging away here.

Finally, I won the shit out of that contest with this piece of enlightened prose (ahead of its time yet simultaneously harkening back to a purer period in writing’s history) followed by a bit of a Katniss themed touchdown dance.

This is likely the point where you start wondering why you should care. I think it’s obvious, but if I must spell it out . . . the February Prompt is back (in March – that Tim Stevens is a wily fellow). Because I can hardly give up the chance to spend hours of my life agonizing over story structure while riddled with self-doubt, I have signed up again!! Details can be found on Tim’s newly revamped but always fresh as heck website. <—- That’s clickable in case you didn’t know.

My story will go live on 3/21, but I’ll probably be back to remind/annoy you sometime before then. In an unprecedented move, I would like to offer up a clue about my inspiration song choice. The singer is a female with hair that is sometimes brown, but sometimes blonde. First one to guess correctly gets the spam letter from Uganda that arrived in my inbox this morning!!!

Well, I don’t know about you, but it’s dinner time on the west coast, and I am totally in the mood to chow some sausage links.