oh, as it turns out, we don’t live here: the shangri-la series – part triptych

I guess it was inevitable.  The bubble had to burst.  The coach had to turn back into a pumpkin.  My time at Shangri-La had to come to an end.  I’d like to dedicate this post to the things I will miss most about my surreal stint as caretaker/dog sitter extraordinaire.

1. Spinning

I can still remember being the nervousest (can’t imagine what that red squiggly line is for) of Nellys in my very first spinning class.  All it took, however, was that one class.  No turning back, I was smitten.  There is a rhythm to spinning that gets inside your veins, and I swear (by the moon and the stars in the sky) that it has addictive properties.  When I spotted a spinning bike on my tour of Shangri-La, I think I drooled a little.  Needless to say, I will miss the crap out of being able to spin at my leisure.  I even made a special playlist with an odd combination of Gaga remixes, deadmau5, and hardcore music that would be obnoxious to anyone who is not me.

yeah, i spin next to a beamer. what.

In the middle of a 10 minute hill climb, my former spinning instructor (and friend :)) used to always ask, “what are you riding towards?”  This was my spinning view from Shangri-La . . . seems like a pretty good goal.

legitimately, 1/3 of that house.

2. Pool

Don’t tell Nate, but I don’t like swimming.  I don’t like doing laps.  I don’t like watching other people do laps.  I don’t like chlorine.  That being said, there was nothing better than taking a post-spinning dip in Shangri-La’s pool.  Don’t be misled, I was definitely not actually swimming . . . more like floating about and, when the mood struck me, springing up from the bottom of the pool while whipping my hair back like the Little Mermaid.

3. Pool Boy

You know how on TV, pool boys are always stupid hot . . . all tan and chiseled and dreamy??  Having never seen an actual pool boy, I figured that this Hollywood stereotype was more glitter and less gold.  Wrong.  Pool boys are exactly as awesome in real life as they are on TV.  Right after initially spying Shangri-La’s glorious pool boy, I ran home and told Nate all about it.  I was confused by his indifferent reaction.  I mean, he is ALWAYS talking to me about pool-related topics.

4. Dexter

Because of Shangri-La’s extensive cable and premium channel offerings, I was able to watch Season 5 of Dexter . . . and the start of Season 2 of Boardwalk Empire and tons of other awesome On Demand programs that for some reason won’t show up on my television for free no matter how many times I try.  Plus, I got to view them all on a GIANT screen.  I quickly realized that Shangri-La’s television was the exact same model as the one I own.  The only difference is that mine looks like an ipad by comparison.

5.  The Ocean Breeze

Being up on top of the Carlsbad hill comes with panoramic views.  But better than that it comes with a nearly constant, gentle ocean breeze.  The kind of breeze that makes the palm trees sway elegantly.  The kind of breeze that makes it the perfect temperature in the sun.  The kind of breeze that you want to inhale deeply until you remember that it is full of smog from LA.

6. Auglet Doglet and Smella

Ok, fine.  I’ll kind of miss these ass holes, too.  Grew on me like a peeing fungus.

who, us?

yeah, you guys.

7. I hate even numbers.

So, farewell Shangri-La.  There were days when I wanted to burn you to the ground.  There were days when I wanted to change all the locks and exercise my squatting rights.


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  1. alicia
    Oct 07, 2011 @ 06:35:22

    WOWZA!!! Welcome back to reality, girlfriend!


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