the red tide is blue (and sometimes green).

Yes, I have interrupted my Shangri-La series, but with good reason.  I just had, like, an 8th wonder of the world experience that I just have to share with my faithful blog audience (what up, Mom and Dad).

It’s not everyday (though I wish it were) that you get to see something so beautiful and magical that you have no choice but to marvel and stare . . . something that reaffirms the wonderment and appreciation you feel for the natural world . . . something that makes you want to roll around in the cold surf, smearing wet sand all over your face while screaming “I LOVE MOTHER NATURE!!!” at every unsuspecting child and dog in your rolling path.

That unbelievably amazing thing, my friends, is the Red Tide.  Rather than bog you down with a lengthy love letter to the Red Tide (Dearest Red Tide, How do I love thee??  Let me count the ways . . .), I am going to let these 2 videos do all the talking (writing?) for me.  There was no way I could have torn myself away from gawking to even think about trying to record the moments.  Luckily, in this crazy Jetsons world we live in, you no longer have to worry about recording your own moments because someone has already done it (and likely better than you would have anyway).  These don’t quite match the feeling you get in person, but they do a damn good job.  Enjoy!



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