and i’m bound to keep on riding: the midnight rider takes carlsbad

The list of things I await from the east coast has grown one item shorter!  I couldn’t be happier to announce the Carlsbad arrival of one very special 2001 Ford Focus complete with all the *cute* lil deformities I remember from its CT days long, long ago . . . sigh . . . driver’s side door dent (adorable), hood with peeling paint (so darling), and rear bumper scrape (thanks Kevin).

I have to admit that having my car here is a little bittersweet.  First and foremost, I am relieved to see it (a little dirty from its voyage, but no worse for the wear).  Just having something on the west coast other than my suitcase gives me a sense of comfort.  In the same breath, there is a permanency to seeing my vehicle in the driveway.  Since reality refuses to halt its daily collision course with my brain, I’m sure I will continue to struggle with (and get a handle on) the idea that this patch of earth is my new home.

For right now, though, there is cause to celebrate!  And the few personal items I had packed in my car are pretty hilarious out of their usual context.  My DVD player sans TV, throw pillows sans couch, shoe rack sans my shoe collection . . . I swear, solid thinking went into deciding what would travel with that vehicle.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not recognize the outstanding work of both Carmoza Auto Transport and Kelly’s Auto Transport (you rock, Lane)!!

omg! don't you just want to run over and hug it and then take a shower because it's so dirty?!?

i smile just looking at these giant blobs of plastic-y goodness!


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